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Your head is a valuable thing...

Having a good helmet can substantially reduce the risk of head injury in a crash. Bern makes multi-sport and bicycle specific helmets, multiple impact hardhats with their own unique style. All models share a hard shell and the same basic shape that drops down to lend extra coverage to the back of the head while keeping the overall form factor fairly slim to avoid the mushroom-head look. The great thing is -- the same helmet can be used for biking, skateboarding, paddling, wakeboarding and snowboarding in the winter.
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Bern emerged on the scene a few years ago first focusing on snowboarding. Scott Westcott won the first ever gold metal in the Olympic Snowboardcross with the Bern Baker helmet atop his head. Since then, Bern's entered into other markets, and their focus is cross over products - helmets that can be used for a variety of sports. The Macon is a good example of that multi-sport helmet. If you add a skull cap under the helmet it's ready for the winter season (all Bern helmets come with a goggle clip in the back). These are great multi-sport specific helmets!

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